Counselling or psychotherapy? Which approach is right for you?

If you have experienced recent difficulties in your life which have resulted in feelings of anxiety, depression or stress, you may benefit from a relatively brief period of counselling or psychotherapy which for example may be for up to 20 meetings.

Brief therapy which is generally more focused on a specific issue provides the opportunity to talk with support about your feelings and maybe explore ways in which a problem situation may be resolved.

I have undertaken training in CBT and in models of counselling which I have found to be useful for brief therapy.

However some will benefit from a longer term therapy.

They may live with a deep sense of unhappiness and suffering in their life which may be related to early childhood trauma or troubling experiences as they were growing up.

Sometimes the reasons are not clear and there is a feeling of being burdened and of dissatisfaction with life. Old wounds may not have been given enough consideration.

As a way of getting through life we can adapt to our earlier experiences as a means of coping or surviving.

For example we may become passive, withdrawn or irritable and angry. It often seems as though we are going through the motions and life lacks satisfaction.

We can experience for example the symptoms of depression, low self esteem and feel anxious or depressed with loss of confidence and a sense of worthlessness.

It is often a struggle to get through and as such the potential to move on and achieve satisfaction in interests, relationship or career can be effected.

Entering into longer term therapy can provide the opportunity to explore and work through difficulties and problems in life.

The therapy can be challenging but immensely rewarding. The therapeutic relationship is fundamental in that as a therapist I can provide the ground and support from which the client can be heard and met with sincere regard and understanding as they explore their inner most feelings.

As the therapy progresses trust can develop which supports exploration and understanding of how the past can impact on the present. With this awareness and within the continuation of the therapy we become liberated from that which has held us and plan for a different healthier and more positive future.

Hopefully through the ‘vehicle’ of this rather special relationship the therapy can lead to a life which has some meaning, pleasure and peaceful satisfaction.

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