As individuals we have our own habits and processes.

We enter into relationships from different backgrounds which can contribute toward a healthy and nourishing partnership.

However, there are occasions where there may be difficult periods.

Sometimes tensions may emerge and the partnership can become strained.

There may be stressful concerns employment, family, financial or illness.

Historical differences such as cultural, family, social or spiritual may play a part in how these difficulties are dealt with.

There may be challenges and pressures experienced in the early period of a relationship when being intimately close to someone outside the family of origin and also in the middle years of the relationship, creating a family and home with pressures of finance, raising and educating children while attending to career and employment demands.

Later years can be significant when the children have moved on or we look toward retirement with potentially more free space, coming to terms perhaps with not having as much money or being fortunate to receive a good pension. Possible health issues within the relationship or other family members such as the couple’s parents can be demanding.

As your counsellor I can be there to listen, understand and support as you talk about what is happening and share the impact on the two of you in your relationship.

As the counselling develops I will explore with you what it is that is going wrong and how this is problematic within your relationship.

In your couples counselling I will encourage you to look at what it is that is getting in the way. Is there an underlying reason for the difficulties?

As your counsellor I will be there as you explore potential new and more positive ways of thinking and behaving.

We will look at effective problem solving strategies, outline strengths and areas for development.

We will discuss a realistic strategy as to what can be remedied or healed.

So through the counselling you as a couple can learn and move forward with empathic respect for one another.

As your counsellor and as our relationship develops, I will be guided by your feedback as you begin to plan and work toward a healthier more nourishing future.

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