I am trained in the trauma therapy model developed by Lisa Schwarz

The word trauma can be used to refer to the impact of experiences which often have a distressing effect on a persons well being.

For example trauma can relate to issues experienced in early life such as abandonment, bullying or emotional, physical, sexual violation.

Also adults may have had traumatic experiences such as a road traffic accident, illness, loss, being subject to or witnessing violence. All which can have a negative impact on ones health and well being.

Sometimes a look or something said which on the face of it to one person may seem innocuous can trigger off a traumatic reaction in another. A person may feel for example acutely angry, ashamed, confused or distressed.

While CRM is used with these different forms of trauma it can be effective in working with anxiety, mood disorder, stress, attachment issues and performance enhancement.

CRM works in facilitating the client to connect with their internal resources by teaching breathing techniques, building an internal physical grid/ scaffold by connecting key parts of the body where a client feels solid, centred and grounded. The grid is then anchored by the client locating an eye position which serves to support them as they are encouraged to process in the therapy and clear the negative impact of the trauma or issue which they have brought.

Processing enables clients to identify with a new healthier truth of self acceptance and belief. The positive integration of the trauma and painful memories aids reconnection to our internal resources through the removal of distressing emotions which supports the client in finding their true core self. Free from the often disturbing impact and effect of unwanted experiences of treatment by others.

I use CRM either as a stand alone model or I integrate it with aspects of my counselling experience and skills which I have developed over many years.

I inform and prepare clients toward an understanding of the mechanics and rationale of CRM with the intention that in their new awareness they can use their resources in between sessions and beyond to strengthen their own sense of empowerment and wellbeing.

CRM is offered in a safe and supportive environment in which my counselling is attuned to the needs of the client as I meet them with the utmost regard and respect.

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