How Counselling & Psychotherapy Can Help

 As your therapist I will offer a safe space in which you will be heard with understanding and support. I draw from many years of experience and training in humanistic psychotherapy to integrate the following therapeutic approaches into my practice.
Gestalt Therapy supports you in being aware of how you are living now and explores the ways fixed patterns of behaviour which are often learnt in childhood can influence us.
From this understanding you will be supported in a non-judgemental therapeutic relationship to discuss changes. This may enable you to work through previously unresolved experiences and develop more satisfying ways of living.
Psychodynamic Psychotherapy similarly explores how the past can effect how you are feeling, thinking and behaving right now in your life. Past experiences are often driven by unconscious feelings which can impact on how you live your life in the moment. For instance, if you were bullied at school the often profoundly experienced feelings of anger or shame can have a negative impact on your life in the present.
When these connections between the past and the present are understood, decisions can be based on what you want or need now with the therapy supporting you to make positive changes in your life.
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), uses problem-solving strategies to help individuals address their feelings, thoughts, and behaviours.
Client Centred Therapy holds the fundamental belief that people have the potential to move toward growth and healing. This is encouraged by the development of a therapeutic relationship, in which you will be accepted with understanding and regarded with the utmost respect as you share your concerns.
Family Systems Therapy explores the events in your family history which may affect you in ways that you are not fully aware of. We can hold unconscious entanglements with people from our past or present, which may inhibit how we are in our life today. For example we may be burdened with a feeling of shame or guilt as a consequence of the behaviour (or experience) of our ancestors.
Using my training in family systems therapy from the Hellinger Institute of Britain, I can support you in becoming aware and unburdened.  
Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR). Refer to the separate section on EMDR.

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